University Faculty Review Committees

FACULTY POST-PROBATION REVIEW COMMITTEE (3yr term) 5 FULL Tenured Professors elected for 3-year term; chair appointed by VP/Faculty Senate from Tenured Full Rank faculty. chair Threda Wrede (ends 2019), Bill Christensen (ends 2019), Bart Stander (ends 2018), Brad Barry (ends 2019), Karen Bauer (ends 2018) UNIVERSITY FACULTY REVIEW COMMITTEE (3yr term expires 7/2017) To act on promotion, intermediate, and tenure reviews, and provide written recommendations regarding reappointment at the intermediate review, advancement in rank at a promotion review, and award of tenure at the tenure review. Committee is nine tenured, elected faculty members serving three-year terms. - chair Curt Walker (ends 2019), Sandra Petersen (ends 2018),  Clare Banks (ends 2018), Randy Jasmine (ends 2019), Deanne Murray (ends 2019) Gabriela Chilom (ends 2018), Kristine Olson (ends 2020), Paul Abegg (ends 2020), School Faculty Review Chairs: Linda Rogers- Business & Communications Caleb Ames- Education and Library Tiffany Peterson- Health Sciences Sue Bennett- Humanities Joseph Francom- Science & Technology Nancy Allred- The Arts There is a University policy that should be referred to in regards to the review process.

Policy 3.7: Faculty Reviews

Your application will have two parts. You shall prepare your portfolio using DM-ePortfolio. You will also have to initiate the process by submitting a formal letter to the chair of the School Faculty Review Committe, which includes Human Resources form indicating eligibility, terminal rank in discipline, faculty member’s educational attainment, etc. Make sure the letter states the intent, such as tenure, or tenure and promotion. The addenda for the Faculty Reviews policy include flow charts with dates, checklist for the portfolio and sample schedule.


Checklist for Reviews/Portfolios Sample Schedule of Faculty Reviews Terminal Degrees Required at DSU

Flowcharts for Review Process

Intermediate Probationary Review Process Final Probationary Review Process Promotion Review Process Post-Probation Review Process


RTP Rubric